why do people go to the gym when there are bars open?

my english professor, in class today




I guess I kinda paint now? Playing around with watercolors.

How can someone shoot a rabbit

It’s just a drawing, no real rabbits were shot. And even in the drawing, it’s just a pretend heart that got hit. The rabbit is just comforting the bleeding, dying heart and whispering little lies to her (the heart is female) to make her passing a little easier. "Hang in there, you’re going to make it" and "you were my only pretend heart and there will never be another".


I feel like this is a good description of Oregon

my spirit animal

I have a research paper due on Tuesday and I haven’t even picked a topic. Oops. 

Edit: I think it’s due Thursday? I should probably find out

walking on this old train bridge yesterday was a little scary because of all the rotted beams. (My friend also almost dropped her camera in the river, but thankfully when it fell through it landed on the embankment) 

What a lovely day to climb a mountain

I climbed a mountain today!